Retail Brokerage

With little fanfare and much hard work, we've built a solid foundation in the securities and investment industry.

Stocks and Bonds: Finance 500 provides access to all the major financial exchanges through its relationship with well-known clearing firms. From blue chip stocks to CD's and government agencies to municipals and high-yield bonds, from puts and calls to spreads and straddles, we can handle and broker nearly all types of investment vehicles and transactions for you, your business enterprises, and your referrals.

Mutual Funds: Finance 500 has access to many different funds available today. Sector funds, International Funds, Index Funds, Government and Muni Bond Funds, Fund-of-Funds -- these are just a few of the many types and categories of mutual funds that we support and offer our clientele. Whether you're in a "growth" mode or have a conservative "fixed-income" bent, we'll find the right funds to match your present lifestyle.