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With little fanfare and much hard work, we've built a solid foundation in the securities and investment industry.


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Underwriting Background

Watch VideoSince 1996, the Finance 500 Fixed Income Department has specialized in the underwriting of FDIC-insured Certificate of Deposits for banks across the country. The Firm has established itself as one of the leaders in this particular niche. Each year the Department raises many Billions of dollars in new funds for insured banking institutions, through the DTC brokered CD program.


More than 2,000 community banks across the country have partnered with Finance 500 in handling the underwriting and issuance of their certificates of deposit. Because of our deep understanding of the brokered deposit business and the in depth relationships we maintain with banks and brokerage firms, Finance 500 has built a solid reputation for high-quality service and dependable performance. It is not by chance that 1 out of every 5 banks in the nation has used Finance 500 for assistance with their underwriting needs.

A Value Added Resource

Brokered Deposits allow banks to acquire new funds from financial sources around the country and then use these funds to make loans within their local community. By this means, the banks avoid the marketing, personnel and administrative costs they would otherwise pay if only soliciting funds locally. Brokered deposits are also an inexpensive alternative to borrowing from the Federal Home Loan Bank, and are almost always less expensive then various on-line CD listing services.


We believe Finance 500 offers the best execution when it comes to pricing and delivery of brokered funds, as well as the most convenient terms and settlement dates available. There is no mistake why Finance 500 is known as the “Quiet Giant” in this industry when it comes to the underwriting of DTC-eligible brokered Certificates of Deposit.

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