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401(k) Advisory Services: Selecting which retirement plan to implement for your company, and then optimizing the options available within that plan can be a daunting task. Furthermore, those trustees that select the plan and the options available can be personally liable if proper due diligence isn’t used and documented. Finance 500 Advisory Services, Inc. can give your firm peace of mind by acting as the investment fiduciary in the selection process and continued monitoring of your plans investments. We can also provide managed accounts within the plan, so that your participants can select the risk profile they want, and then allow us to maintain the asset allocation among the different investment choices. Whether the plan is new or existing, Finance 500 can reduce your fiduciary risk, and optimize the investment choices you offer to participants.

Cash Management: Many times, institutions maintain cash balances for upcoming projects, emergency funds, or a myriad of other reasons. FAS can help maximize the earnings on those balances while maintaining the safety and liquidity. We will custom craft a laddered bond portfolio, or look for higher yielding money market accounts, based upon your liquidity needs and time frame.

Stock Options: For many companies, stock options can be an integral part of an employee’s compensation. When and how to exercise those options, while minimizing the tax ramifications can sometimes make a dramatic difference in the employee’s personal financial success. Either as an incentive to key executives, or as a service to all eligible employees, Finance 500 can help assist in maximizing stock options, and the re-investment of the funds generated into a well balanced, diversified portfolio.

Foundations and Trusts: The ability to provide the grants and gifts tomorrow starts with sound investment advice today. Through prudent investment management, Finance 500 Advisory Services, Inc. seeks to increase the overall investment principal, while providing enough liquidity to meet the needs of ongoing grants and gifts. Our ability to provide solid growth while maintaining a more conservative outlook works ideally for those institutions that want to increase their ability to provide services, without unnecessary risk. We will work closely with your board of trustees to ensure needs are met, and that the proper investments are selected.